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"I was impressed with the wide variety of classes offered at the Hunter Business College. I don't have to drive across town after work to get further education. I just go home and jump online. This made gaining further qualifications easier than I expected. I'm glad a friend recommended this."

Christine Nicholson

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"I didn't need a qualification in Business Administration for my line of work but when I was made redundant I found all the positions I applied for wanted excellent skills in MS Office.  I have been able to gain the Statements of Attainment for the MS Word and Excel units online and now I have a wonderful job."

John Langdon

"I am a full time worker and doing University part time, but wanted to sharpen my skills in MS Word and Excel.

Completing my certificates through Hunter Business College was very accommodating to my lifestyle as I was able to complete them at my own pace which was more preferable than waiting around in a classroom environment.

Deborah was very helpful.  She always responded to my questions promptly - usually under 24 hours!  It was great to know that help was just one phone call or email away.​

I really liked how the course was presented too.  I had the option of buying a manual, which I did because I like to learn out of a book but it was unnecessary as the manual was all available online.  Working online made it a simplified process.

I can't wait to continue further learnings in MS Word and Excel through HBC.  I highly recommend everyone to give them a call!

Bonnie Byrnes


About Us

Hunter Business College was founded on the belief that education should be available to anyone, especially those who are excited about their career.


Over 18 years ago we started off as a small business in Sydney providing Executive Business Services to a handful of medium to large businesses.  Then in 2009 our family moved to Newcastle and feeling that it was time to start growing we changed the business name to Ifield Business Services offering a wider range of services, including training.  From this came, not only our love for Newcastle and the Hunter but Hunter Business College.

Our vision is to provide the Hunter with the most efficient and confident Administration team ever.  We also recognise that work environments everywhere have changed and so the way we structure training needs to change.  We are all unique and you will find our training style is quite different to most.

We hold our ethics in high regard and encourage all our students to develop ethics that are important to them.  Business all over the Hunter will benefit from this.