Coaching Skills for Managers

Workplace coaching is generally accepted as task oriented.  It is a learning process whereby experienced workers can pass on knowledge and skills to less experienced personnel.  It usually takes the form of on-the-job training – often on a one-to-one basis.  It differs, therefore from formal training and from mentoring.

Managers and supervisors might be called upon to act as coaches or to facilitate coaching; that is, they might be expected to delegate the coaching role to another, experienced employee, to monitor the coaching and to assess the outcome of the coaching.

This one day workshop will examine:


  • Coaching fundamentals
  • Coaching principles
  • Coaching methods
  • Feedback, assessment, follow up

At this workshop the following will be addressed:

  • Coaching vs mentoring vs training
  • How and why people learn
  • Learning preferences
  • Coaching methods
  • The GROW model
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Assessing performance

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