Coping With Workplace Stress

Stress is not an inherently bad thing – we need stress and stressors.  When the load of stress under which we labour becomes too heavy, however, both physical and psychological problems can result.  It is, therefore necessary for us to learn how to identify stress, stress reactions and to manage stress – to moderate both the stresses that act on us and our reactions to them.

This one day workshop will examine:


  • Stress
  • Excess stress reactions
  • Managing work to prevent excess stress
  • Managing stress reactions
  • Balance

At this workshop the following will be addressed:

  • The nature and effects of stress
  • The causes of excess workplace stress
  • The symptoms of excess stress
  • Reasons why stress issues must be addressed
  • Methods of dealing with stress related problems

Phone: 0456 CAREER (0456 227 337)