Our Courses

Advantages of training with us

Our Business Qualifications are able to be completed online, in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. 

We are able to provide individual units of competencies so you don't need to complete a full qualification when all you need is to obtain a Statement of Attainment for creating word processed documents using Microsoft Word or producing spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel.  What if you have done your Business Administration qualification but just need to complete the unit for Payroll?  We can help there too.

Professional Development short courses are designed to enhance what you are already doing.

Our courses are offered in a wide variety of ways and training methods to suit the individual needs of business or individuals.  All you need to do is contact us with your ideas and we will be able to work with you to come up with a plan to suit all requirements.

Our Trainers

As Hunter Business College is all about providing the highest quality training we insist that we provide the highest quality trainers.

As this is ‚Äčour guarantee to our clients, our trainers have been through our rigorous selection criteria to ensure we have the best of the best in the hunter.

If you, as a trainer, feel you can offer your many years of experience and dedication, yet have a fun outlook to life, we and our clients would love to have you on board.  Please contact us with an outline of how you can help and we will provide you with our comprehensive selection criteria.

Your career is, and should be, important to you.  We all have to work for a very long time these days so why not choose a career that makes you happy.  We only ask that you truly want to be here to gain the most from your courses. 

Hunter Business College offers a unique style of training.


Are the words "Training" or "Education" nasty words for you?  People learn in different ways and so we offer a wide variety of training methods.  Talk to us about how you like to learn and we will put together a training plan especially for you.

Education doesn't have to be dull and boring it can be fun, interactive and rewarding yet remain professional.  We are here to help you achieve your career goals.

We have an amazing array of courses, from Business Administration to individual Units Of Competency and Professional Development courses.

It could be that all you need is to up skill.  I ask you "these days who doesn't need computer skills?"  maybe you just require an accreditation in MS Word or MS Excel but do not need a Business Administration qualification.  Did you learn Telephone Communication when you did your administration course?

Business 2 Business

Do you currently have staff that are dedicated to your business but just need a little help in some areas? For example Telephone communication or Time management.

You might even have an employee who has not required a Business Administration qualification for their position, till now.  Now most Managers are expected to create their own reports in Microsoft Word or create PowerPoint presentations.

And what about the team member who joined your business directly from school and has proven to be a real asset to your business?Maybe it is time to for them to develop their skills further, you can encourage them to obtain their Business Administration Qualification.

Maybe you have a special requirement for one or more team members.  If you require something that isn't listed we may just be able to help.

All these scenarios and more are manageable with Hunter Business College.

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