Telephone Communication:  Representing the Company

You should be aware that the way in which you answer the telephone makes a major contribution to the positive – or negative – perceptions of customers.  You need to understand just how important effective telephone communications and to understand the link between telephone service and company image.

During telephone communications, you and the other party on the phone cannot see each other, so how do you go about projecting an appropriate image?  How do you communicate without the body language cues that tell you so much about the people with whom you communicate?

In this one day workshop we will consider these issues and will develop strategies to increase your confidence levels with regard to telephone communication.


  • Creating an outstanding image
  • Protocols
  • Challenging calls
  • Effective outbound calls
  • Handling pressure

At this workshop the following will be addressed:

  • Answering incoming calls
  • Making outgoing calls
  • Using voice and paralanguage to make a good impression
  • Handling difficult callers
  • Managing stress associated with using the phone

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