Time Management

Time happens.  You cannot manage time.  What we all need to do is manage ourselves within time.  Time management, therefore, is actually self-management – setting and meeting your own work priorities.  A key to making effective use of time is understanding what you want and what you need to achieve.

One of the basics of effective time management is to be aware of all that needs to be done.  Though many people keep track of day-to-day activities in their heads, the effective time manager facilitates planning and productivity by documenting goals, objectives and tasks to be completed.

In this one day workshop we will consider these challenges and will develop techniques to help make effective use of our valuable time.


  • Identify your Objectives
  • Performance
  • Planning into action

At this workshop the following will be addressed:

  • Identification of the ways in which you currently use your time
  • The difference between urgent and important tasks
  • Methods of prioritising tasks
  • Applying a range of time management techniques
  • Understanding how technology can help you manage time

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