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Things have changed in Business,

responsibilities have changed

You might be a manager who is now expected to create your own presentations and do your own document formatting or maybe you are in retail where selling your products to customers is not your only responsibility.  Now everyone is expected to keep an Excel spreadsheet of sales or type a professional quotation in Word.  

Previously in your roles you probably didn't need a full Business Administration qualification but now you need to have knowledge of MS Excel, Word or PowerPoint.  So what if you could you could do a course that will gain you a certificate stating that you have attended a 7 hour course?

Have a look at our Courses.

Welcome to the Hunter Business College!

Our goal is simple: To provide Hunter business with the highest quality team and to provide job seekers with the ultimate competitive edge, one business and student at a time.

Hunter Business College has been helping students fulfil their potential.  We do this through personalised instruction, self-paced learning and a combination of both.

You are never left alone we offer after training back up to all our clients no matter what course you have done (conditions apply).

Through our after training backup service we are able to monitor progress at work and then recommend when further training is required.  Training will only be offered at a level that is suitable.